Edible Marijuana: Is It Safe?

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While many teens may think that eating marijuana is an okay way to get high, it is in fact dangerous, risky and still illegal for teens in every state, even those where marijuana use is legal. This program helps teens understand the science of why the THC in edible marijuana causes unpredictable and dangerous highs. Metabolizing edible marijuana produces a different response than smoking it, so the risks of underestimating the potency of eaten marijuana can lead to intoxication, paranoia, high anxiety and tolerance. The program stresses that teens are more susceptible than adults to brain damage from marijuana use of any kind; there are no 100% accurate uniform standards for THC content even in states where recreational marijuana use is legal; some edibles may look like ordinary candy, cookies, cakes, and other foods; marijuana in any form is psychologically addictive and perhaps physically addictive; marijuana use can impact school, family, work, friendships, motivation and energy levels. As edibles become more and more easily available, teens need to understand the risks and dangers, including DUI. This program is intended for teaching use in a classroom setting. Human Relations Media Includes: Video, plus 37-page teacher’s resource book, student handouts and pre/post tests in digital format. ISBN #: 978-1-62706-081-3

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