CBD OIL FOR ADHD: The complete Guide To ADHD Management And Improved Health With Cbd oil.

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Do you find it difficult to focus or are you having difficulty concentrating on something for a very long time? Are you constantly stressed or experiencing regular fatigue? do you know someone suffering from similar symptoms? As a neurologist and a father of two with 20 years experience in the area of sleep deficiency, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and parenting, I can now say I understand what it means to suffer from illnesses that most people do not understand.Almost eleven percent of American children have ADHD. But it’s not just a childhood disorder. About four percent of American adults have ADHD as well. It is thought to be genetic, with some environmental factors playing a role as well. ADHD is more prevalent in children living in lower-income households, which suggests that environment is indeed significant. There is a long tradition of people with ADHD using CBD and other cannabis products to treat their condition. While it may seem counterintuitive to some, this is mainly because of the psychoactive properties associated with the THC in cannabis. The non-psychoactive CBD, however, has shown results in managing ADHD. CBD Oil For ADD And ADHDA clinical study conducted in 2014, by Dr. Eva Milz and Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen in Germany, presented CBD oil as a successful treatment for ADHD or ADD. They examined 30 patients that could not respond to the medications prescribed for ADD such as Adderall or Ritalin.Later, they ingested CBD oil, and it helped them in improving concentration and sleep and diminished hyperactivity.

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