Baking To Get Baked: The Easiest, Quickest Cannabis Edibles

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Have you thought about making edibles but didn’t want to deal with the mess?
Traditional pot edibles are made using “cannabutter”. But you can’t buy it at the supermarket or even at your local dispensary (if such a place actually exists in your locale). Making it yourself can take hours and then there’s the gooey mess.

There’s an EASIER, QUICKER way to make pot edibles…
If you’re baking, why not use POT FLOUR? In his cookbook, Baking To Get Baked, MJ Odingreen shows you how to make cannabis edibles using infused flour instead of infused butter. It’s quicker, easier, and less messy – possibly more potent as well.

YOU control the potency, too
Baking with pot flour also allows you to vary the potency of your edibles. Infuse as little or as much as you’d like because it’s in the flour and not in the butter!

Enjoy MJ Odingreen’s recipes along with his humor and stories of life and of the burgeoning cannabis industry. Get baking without the fuss and muss and enjoy the results more quickly!

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